Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Data is good. Knowledge and predictability are better.

Knowledge is power.

When it comes to your business and achieving quality of care goals, insight is critical to success in today’s increasingly competitive market.

Inefficiency can be the downfall of organizations, leading to negative consequences, such as poor quality of care outcomes or delayed reimbursement cycles — both difficult to prevent without having the right information at the right time.
PointClickCare Business Intelligence and Analytics unites data with analytical tools to enhance your investigation and decision-making capabilities. Gain access to the robust reports, real-time dashboards and data-driven analytics to turn data into powerful insights.


Spanning the full spectrum of the PointClickCare platform, detailed reporting enables you to monitor your business operations, from referral generation onwards.

Reports can be filtered based on user-defined parameters and printed or exported for record-keeping purposes. Our vast library of clinical, financial and operational reports deliver visibility into the issues impacting your business, making it easier to manage your organization’s operations and deliver quality care to your residents.


New information about residents is constantly streaming in, making it difficult to stay on top of all changes. Customized dashboards can help you focus on what matters most.

PointClickCare’s customizable dashboards ensure staff always has the information most critical for their role. Our dashboards provide real-time notifications and task lists, enabling immediate action to be taken to address issues or quality of care concerns. Clinical dashboards can include information on admissions, shift tasks, diagnoses, and events. Financial dashboards can include information such as benefits, claims, and collections activities.

PointClickCare administrator dashboard
Anne Marie Martinez, PointClickCare Customer

PointClickCare Analytics

PointClickCare Analytics offers comprehensive, flexible reporting to effect improved outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions. Enhance operational oversight with instant access to dashboards for Readmissions, Quality Measures/Quality Indicators and other KPIs at the corporate, facility, and resident level. Conduct detailed root-cause analysis and prepare responsive improvement plans, boosting overall corporate performance and your reputation.

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Kylie Minugh, LVN charge nurse for The Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens

Pro-Tracking Analytics

Pro-Tracking offers automated verification checks, eliminating the need for paper-based audit tools, freeing up your staff to focus on care delivery. Standard of Care reports, trends,  outlier reporting, and real-time data, enable you to identify potential charting errors and issues to improve accuracy and completeness of claims submissions, as well as quality of care.

Available for United States customers only.

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MDS Analytics

With MDS Analytics, you will benefit from real-time feedback before submission to CIHI and built-in references to the current Resident Assessment Instrument User’s Manual for expedited investigation. Easily identify triggers that suggest a change to the resident’s care plan and encourage collaborative interaction across disciplines that proactively addresses clinical inconsistencies as assessments are completed.

Available for Canadian customers only.

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