Care Delivery Management

Care Delivery Management

Your priority is caring for your residents. Documentation shouldn’t be a burden.

Powerful yet easy-to-use software.

“The staff are very happy with PointClickCare because it is easy to navigate, and it’s not something you have to think about every time you open the program.”

Rebecca Turner, Director of Nursing, Leisureworld Mississauga

Designed with your care team in mind.

Share information in real-time. Accelerate and improve the decision-making process. With PointClickCare, clinical data flows seamlessly between the core platform and devices, allowing team members to continuously monitor and collaborate on care plans.

Skin and Wound

We want to make Skin and Wound management easy and simple for you. Imagine using your mobile device to quickly measure and assess wounds bedside, with the information and images immediately captured within your EHR.


Point of Care

With Point of Care (POC), your front-line care team can access and update key resident information directly from the EHR using kiosks or mobile devices. Staff can view task lists and schedules, complete documentation, and receive alerts right from where they spend the most time – within close proximity to a resident.


eMAR & Integrated Medication Management

Our eMAR and Integrated Medication Management solutions guarantee adherence to documentation policies, streamlining and simplifying the medication administration process. Integrated Medication Managment offers a direct exchange of sensitive resident data between your organization and the pharmacy — significantly reducing the chance of medication errors.


Practitioner Engagement

PointClickCare Practitioner Engagement enables practitioners to remotely access and update patient records, electronically co-sign orders, ePrescribe medications, and collaborate on clinical decision making in real time — all from a mobile device that is seamlessly integrated to the EHR. Finally, a solution for the way practitioners like to work.

Secure Conversations on iPhone and iPad

Secure Conversations

How would you like to use text messages on your mobile device to connect with internal and external stakeholders on resident care decisions — without the risk and worry of privacy issues?


Care Content: COMS Interactive

PointClickCare is delivering the power of COMS’s clinical content to LTPAC providers. COMS’s content, delivered directly through the PointClickCare EHR platform, allows PointClickCare customers to actively manage quality outcomes by driving consistent, evidence-based care built around a resident’s unique clinical needs.


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