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Managing quality outcomes, and particularly reducing hospital readmissions, is more important than ever.

Care Content from COMS Interactive, built into PointClickCare, and the corresponding COMS Care Oversight Module, drive consistent, evidence-based care and provide deep clinical insight that delivers great outcomes.

See how COMS Interactive can help you improve quality outcomes and hospital readmissions.


How COMS Improves Your Hospital Readmissions


How COMS Improves Your Outcomes


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How COMS Impacts Your Relationship with Hospital Partners

Powering PointClickCare with COMS Care Content drives a consistent, evidence-based standard of care, provides simple, complete documentation, and delivers at-a-glance insights that allow your care team to focus their valuable time on delivering great care instead of creating redundant documentation and digging for data.

COMS Content references over 20 years of research and is constantly updated to drive consistent, evidence-based best practices that deliver great outcomes.

The COMS Clinical Content Package significantly reduces development and upkeep of User Defined Assessments (UDAs) as well as Care Plan, Task, and Alert Libraries.

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