Point of Care

Point of Care

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Our easy-to-use Point of Care (POC) interface gives front-line care workers access to pertinent information near, or at the point of, resident care.

This enables the care delivery team to proactively address the residents’ needs by viewing their scheduled tasks at a glance.

Point of Care delivers real-time data.

The information collected through POC is captured in real-time and immediately available to other PointClickCare users.

Using your preferred device — kiosks, wall-mounted touch screens, computers, or mobile tablets — POC provides a quick, easy way to capture all critical resident data, including activities of daily living (ADLs), attendance, and vitals.

This level of automated workflow reduces errors and duplicate, or copycat charting entries.

Accurate, timely capture of ADLs and full integration with MDS assessments ensures compliance and significantly increases the productivity of care delivery staff, as well as improving the overall quality of care and safety for your residents.



POC Documentation: Four Reasons You Need to Be Doing it Now

Late loss ADLs drive 40% of the RUG score for PPS reimbursement. If you aren’t documenting your ADLs at the point of care, there’s a chance your missing out on significant revenue for your organization.


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