Point of Care

Point of Care

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Better Insights.
Better Decisions.

Be confident your care staff has the tools they need to enhance their clinical decision making with accurate, real-time data and enhanced collaboration.


How Point of Care Helps You
Drive Better Care Decisions

Changes in a resident’s health are easily identifiable with information that’s readily available to the entire care team. Daily care information means proactive decisions and better outcomes.

Create More Efficient Workflows

Improve the nurse and aide feedback loop. Information flows in real time to dashboards for communication, the resident’s chart for decision making, and auto-populates the MDS to streamline and enhance coding.

Reduce Wound Risks

Give your care team visibility into data on weights, continence, skin condition and intake. Modify care plans to address these risks before skin breakdown occurs.

How confident are you in your data?

Our Point of Care solution enables your team to accurately and completely capture critical resident data in real-time, at or near the point of resident care. Better data will drive your reimbursements and ensure that you are getting paid on time.

Case Study:

We completed a study tracking the financial benefit of using POC and how Task Completion levels affect reimbursement. We looked at MDS data for our customers who implemented POC between 2001 and 2016 and found that, on average, the minimum PPD increase was $2.79 within six months.


POC Documentation: Four Reasons You Need to Be Doing it Now

Late loss ADLs drive 40% of the RUG score for PPS reimbursement. If you aren’t documenting your ADLs at the point of care, there’s a chance your missing out on significant revenue for your organization.

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