Practitioner Engagement

Practitioner Engagement

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With PointClickCare’s Practitioner Engagement solution, practitioners and physicians can now use their Apple devices to view charts, co-sign orders, e-prescribe and have secure, HIPAA-compliant conversations about residents in their care.

By having remote, real-time access to relevant clinical information, practitioners are able to make better, more informed patient care decisions. And, they can ensure the full care team has the information they need by documenting directly from their mobile device.

Designed by practitioners, for practitioners, PointClickCare is proud to partner with some of the most prominent long-term care thought leaders for the development of this innovative, user-friendly app for Apple devices.

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PointClickCare Practitioner Engagement

Practitioner Engagement improves access to information, streamlines communications, and automates error-prone, time consuming, paper-based processes.

Viewing vitals, admission notes, lab results, and medication history on the go is now quick and easy. Practitioners and physicians are now able to navigate through patient charts in real-time on their mobile device.

Perhaps the best part of all is practitioners can now maximize the valuable time they spend with patients when conducting onsite consultations.

Better results with better communication.

Dr. Matthew Wayne, past President of AMDA, talks about how engaging with medical professionals outside of the senior care facility can help improve resident outcomes as well as data management.

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