Financial Management

Financial Management

Comprehensive tools to improve revenue cycle management.

Driving financial health in the business of care.

Inaccurate admissions documentation or inefficient billing processes can significantly impact revenue cycle management. Combine this with a changing payer landscape and increasing complexity in insurance programs, and operating your senior care organization is more challenging than ever before.

Accounts Receivable and Billing

With scalable, customizable payer-type configuration and automated ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer) and census data updates, our Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Billing solution provides timely, accurate billing of all services provided, every time. You can also take advantage of streamlined management tools, including integrated financial charts created on admission, automatic write-off capabilities and more.

Census Management

Understand your occupancy rates at all times. Our Census Management capability automatically produces and communicates ADT documentation for clinical and billing purposes. Effectively manage staff resources with a registry of all healthcare professionals, and enhance visibility into your pipeline with tools to manage current, historical and waiting-list clients.


Maximize your collections activity effectiveness.

We have the tools to reduce your average Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) measurements and increase the accuracy of your account tracking. Our Collections functionality provides a one-stop shop to manage all collections-related activity, from conducting aging reviews to proactively actioning outstanding accounts. Customized account aging set-up, adjustable collection threshold amounts, and agency assignment are all supported for added flexibility.

Payment Portal

Accelerate your revenue cycle and business office effectiveness.

Realize revenue faster by providing online payment capabilities as well as flexible payment method alternatives, including payment plans and eWallet capabilities, to residents and their families. The Payment Portal also reduces the administrative burden on billing office staff by providing automated statement generation/distribution and remittance processing, which eliminates the need for paper documents and unnecessary phoning/faxing of information. With the Payment Portal, you’ll have the means to reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and offer more flexibility to your customers.

Woman using PointClickCare's Payment Portal on a tablet

General Ledger and Accounts Payable

Fully integrated with our A/R and Billing module, our General Ledger and Accounts Payable (GL/AP) solution provides  financial tools, designed for  senior care, to effectively manage vendor information, invoices, adjustments and checks. From tracking census days in your financial analysis to producing custom financial statements, GL/AP simplifies and expedites your payment processes. Gain efficiencies with automated GL posting for mapped transactions, facility-specific billing journal entries imports, and batch data entry.

Claims Management

With our Claims Management tools you can establish more control in your reimbursement processes by seamlessly connecting with primary and secondary billing sources for both claims and remittances. Integration with 3rd party clearing houses extends your operational reach. Ancillary imports for all major pharmacy and therapy providers ensure that your claims are accurate for all services provided.

Eligibility Verification

Insurance coverage can be difficult to track down during the pre-admission process. It’s important to validate payer information early so you can avoid delayed reimbursement and account receivable issues down the road.

PointClickCare’s Eligibility Verification tools provide instant retrieval of insurance data, including eligibility, benefits and co-pays, for a potential resident prior to admission.

Access to accurate, real-time eligibility data improves revenue management by reducing coverage denial rates and ensuring more timely reimbursement.


Trust Accounting

The rules and regulations tied to trust accounts for seniors are complicated.

Managing trust accounts doesn’t have to be. With our Trust solution, efficiently manage all account activity, such as resident banking, maintenance charges and interest allocation. Track petty cash and other cash box management tasks with our easy-to-use trust tools, such as a separate month end close out. Reports and statements provide visibility into your activities.

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