Eligibility Verification

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Ohio Medicaid is now including patient liability information in the EDI 271 Eligibility Response transaction set.

Watch our webinar Don’t Get Denied: Protect Your Revenue Cycle with Eligibility Verification to learn how an integrated solution can help:

• Identify coverage or lack of coverage prior to admission
• Maximize revenue potential with real-time insurance eligibility checks
• Perform and save verification directly in the resident record

“The reality is, things change for our residents regularly, and sometimes this requires us to run billing statements on the fly. Before PointClickCare there was a completely separate system to monitor what was happening on the clinical side. Now, everything fits together.”

Barbara Boldt, Director of Finance
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Did you know the cost of managing denials is $25 per claim?

Check out our infographic to read more about the cost of care and how it can be managed.

Eligibility Verification

Learn more about securing reimbursements using real-time eligibility verification by reading our solution sheet.

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