Employee Engagement

When employees are engaged, customers benefit.

PointClickCare has partnered with Align, an organization with over 75 years of combined experience in senior care, to offer Employee Engagement and Customer Experience solutions that provide the practical guidance organizations seek to cultivate a culture of engagement while driving excellence in customer experience.

Measuring the customer’s experience is the first step
to managing it.

To understand what type of experience your customers are having, you have to ask. Our Customer Experience solution does just that. Get the insights you need to advance organizational excellence through the lens of the customer.


The best recruitment strategy? Retain and engage the staff you already have.

An engaged workforce costs less. Turnover and absenteeism go down, retention improves, and employees perform at a higher level. Our Employee Engagement solution provides a comprehensive and continuous improvement framework that focuses on the capabilities of organizational leaders to create and sustain a culture of engagement.

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Want to know more?

Hear one of our customers describe how the Employee Engagement solution has made a difference in their operations.


“It’s changed the way we look at turnover.”


“It helps employees weather a bad day.”


“You’ve got to find a way out of high turnover.”


“We were too focused on the employee that was leaving.”



Check out our webinar hosted by Nancy Anderson, SVP of Engagement Solutions for Align, highlighting:

-The five skills of an engaging leader
-The cultural attributes of an engaging workplace
-Identifying specific leader behaviors and practices that inspire employee engagement

Click here to view the webinar slide deck.

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