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Solutions by Role

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“It’s the first thing I look at. It gives me a picture of what’s going on in the home on a daily basis.”

Gary Butt, Executive Director, Leisureworld Mississauga

A solution for the entire team.

Communication is vital. Reducing data entry is a must. Alerting staff – a critical necessity. PointClickCare’s platform for senior care delivers real-time information across the entire organization, helping providers like you run at peak efficiency. 

Having information at your fingertips is critical to providing quality care in an ever-competitive industry. At PointClickCare, we support your entire organization.

The business of care means that, while your team is striving to provide the highest quality of care, you still need to be paid for the care provided. We help by giving you better, more timely information to boost your operational performance, while connecting you to your healthcare network.

Stanley Oden, Administrator, Meridian Care at Grayson


Managing your business means you need operational visibility. You need support for the decisions you make all day, every day. PointClickCare’s integrated solution gives you the confidence you need to make sound decisions.

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PointClickCare puts timelier, more complete information at your fingertips to allow you to get back to what you love – caring for residents.

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Middle aged business man

Business Office Manager

Getting paid for the care your organization provides is the name of the game. Ensuring that billing information is complete and accurate is vitally important.

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Operational margins are thin. PointClickCare is a proven partner that will grow with you and help you take care of your business.

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Proven reliability. With guaranteed uptime and ongoing support, your job just got easier.

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Wellness Director

With the aging senior population comes a growing demand for a wider range of care services.

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Balancing nutrition needs to match the varying levels of acuity takes more than experience and knowledge.

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Finally, a mobile EHR solution built for practitioners.

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