Solving Industry Challenges

Solving Industry Challenges

We’ve got the solutions to key industry challenges.

One platform. One complete solution.

Every day, more than 15,000 senior care facilities – from all levels of care – use PointClickCare software to manage their finances, market their services, strengthen their business relationships, communicate with professionals and families, and ultimately deliver better care for their residents.

Readmission Management

Healthcare reform efforts targeted at reducing hospital readmissions are underway.

Senior care providers need the process, the people and the know-how to prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions and to set the groundwork for safe, consistent transitions.


Reimbursement Management

Creating and processing accurate data within the MDS is one of the biggest challenges senior care providers face.

It’s also the most significant avenue for optimizing reimbursement. Knowing how to maximize reimbursement – it’s at the center of the business of care.

Learn more about optimizing reimbursements

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management can seem like an endless demand on your time.

You are focused on growing your business and increasing your profitability, but to do so means you have to accurately capture billing, claims, and third-party payers.

Learn about optimizing revenue cycle management

Errors and Omission Tracking

Staying on top of documentation requirements, for each and every resident, doesn’t have to be a Herculean task.

Accurately filing, documenting, capturing all the information on each resident – your business of care needs a fast and easy way to capture and track resident data.

Learn more about reducing errors

Occupancy Rate Management

Optimal occupancy is the result of a steady stream of referrals coming from well-nurtured relationships with your referral sources.

Timely communications and marketing activities are crucial to maintaining healthy relationships with your key stakeholders.

maximize your occupancy rates

Quality & Compliance Management

The stakes are high for senior care providers. You must mitigate and manage risk effectively in order to operate in one of the country’s most heavily regulated industries.

Gaps in documentation or cumbersome workflows can hinder your ability to respond efficiently and appropriately.

More About Quality & Compliance
Abby Hamett, Social Services Director, The Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens
Kylie Minugh, LVN charge nurse for The Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens

MDS Analytics & Management

MDS accuracy is a common challenge for facilities. This is where you either get it right or you lose out on possible reimbursement.

The combination of assessments and timing are critical to making sure that reimbursement is optimized for the longest period of time. Ensure that the right assessments are being done at the right time.

Learn more about managing your MDS


Interoperability is where multiple technology platforms and software applications connect, communicate, and exchange data.

Stay connected with hospitals, labs, pharmacies, ACOs, practitioners, and other members of your care network.

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