Quality and Compliance Management

Simplify your regulatory burden. Mitigate risk.

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Reduce errors. Improve outcomes.

The stakes are high for senior care providers. You must mitigate and manage risk effectively in order to operate in one of the country’s most heavily regulated industries.

Keep pace with industry regulations. Remain competitive.

Resident safety is on the line, as is your community’s reputation. Gaps in documentation or cumbersome workflows can hinder your ability to respond efficiently and appropriately.

With your business survival at stake, it is important to take active measures to mitigate the risk factors facing your organization. Choosing to take no action translates into even higher risk – to your residents, to your referrals network, to your bottom line.

Reduce your risk. Improve resident safety. Protect your bottom line.

PointClickCare’s platform delivers embedded compliance and risk management tools and content, including nationally accepted standards and documentation policies, which assist you in meeting regulatory requirements. Get the functionality you need to reduce risk and improve care interventions.

The result? Better resident outcomes and an even better reputation.

Ensuring you are compliant means keeping you informed.

“What’s helped me the most in PointClickCare is all the resources for learning and teaching.”

Becca Smith, Compliance Officer, Paramount Healthcare

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Errors and Omission Tracking

Staying on top of documentation requirements, for each and every resident, is a Herculean task. Accurately filing, documenting, capturing all the information on each resident – your business of care needs a fast and easy way to capture and track resident data.

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Reimbursement Management

Creating and processing accurate data within the MDS is one of the biggest challenges senior care providers face — it’s also the most significant avenue for optimizing reimbursement.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Managing your revenue cycle management can seem an endless demand on your time. You are focused on growing your business and increasing your profitability, but to do so means you have to accurately capture billing, claims, third party payers.

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Readmission Management

In partnership with the Florida Atlantic University, PointClickCare eINTERACT is the industry’s first initiative designed to bring the proven methodology of the INTERACT quality improvement program to an EHR software platform.

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MDS Analytics & Management

Getting paid for the care provided is critical to financial viability, but are you also capturing the supporting documentation? Would your documentation stand up to an audit?

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Interoperability is where multiple technology platforms and software applications connect, communicate, and exchange data.

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Occupancy Rate Management

Optimal occupancy is the result of a steady source of referrals coming from well-nurtured relationships with your referral sources.

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