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How an Electronic Health Record Can Help You to Improve Compliance.

Karen Decker
Executive Director
Spring Hills Hunter's Creek

My name is Karen Decker and I am the Executive Director at Spring Hills Hunter’s Creek. I’ve been part of the team since August 2010 and have been working in the long-term care industry for 27 years.

When I first started at Hunter’s Creek we were a paper-based organization and while it was the only way we knew, it was definitely a time-consuming process. It wasn’t until 2013 that our Spring Hills Senior Communities head office team informed us that we would be transitioning over to an electronic health record (EHR), and in December of that year we officially went live with PointClickCare.

How to transition your long-term care community to an EHR.

Before we began the transition to PointClickCare, we weren’t sure what to expect given we were moving over from a paper-based process. While most of our staff is pretty young and computer-savvy, we still wanted to ensure that the move over to PointClickCare was seamless. As with any major change we wanted to avoid as much disruption within the community as possible, so leading up to the go-live date we prepared our staff with an abundance of training to really make sure they were as comfortable as possible with the new system.

Prior to December 2013, the team had access to ample amounts of training. Mock accounts were put into place so that team members could familiarize themselves with the platform and use PointClickCare as much as they needed, based on their comfort levels. When it came time to officially launch PointClickCare, the fear of making a mistake or missing an important task was eliminated, and we found our team was able to focus on doing their day-to-day job, without the technology intimidating them.

The benefits of an EHR for your long-term care community.

What’s been the most beneficial for our team is that the system is completely set up for our needs. PointClickCare works for us in a way that ensures we are following our company policies and procedures, which is a major stress reliever, especially for me. As the Executive Director of the community, I don’t have to worry whether or not my team is at risk of non-compliance, and since we’ve implemented PointClickCare at Hunter’s Creek, I can confidently say that compliance has never been an issue for us.

In fact, our community recently earned the industry-respected designation of “deficiency free” with state requirements from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), which is a huge achievement for us.

How an EHR can make your job easier.

We always strive to be survey-ready every single day and with PointClickCare all the information is available at a glance. Whether I’m reviewing the dashboard or running various reports that I need, the system allows me to be ready, with the right information, at any given time.

The greatest thing about PointClickCare is the fact that my job is made easy. I don’t have to worry about what’s going on within my community because I’m able to find out all the information I need in one click. The stress of making sure we are running our business within compliance is gone and I can focus on my team and our residents, which is the most important thing to me.