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Leveraging an EHR to Improve Billing Processes.

Faye Hoyte
Business Office Manager
Spring Hills Hunter's Creek

“Today, within a few minutes, any changes captured by the care team are quickly reflected on the billing end.”

My name is Faye Hoyte and I’m the Business Officer Manager for Spring Hills Hunter’s Creek. I’ve been in this role for the past 11 years and I am responsible for the billing and financial elements of our business.

My role requires me to work closely with our clinical team to ensure the services and care we are providing our residents are properly reflected on the billing side, which is fundamental to ensuring we are remaining profitable.

Improve billing processes with your EHR.

Before we implemented PointClickCare in our building we were using another system to help track and manage our billing, but it didn’t have all the capabilities that we needed. Specifically, the most important functionality for us is a system that will allow data to flow easily across the organization between departments to ensure everyone has the right information at the right time, which isn’t what we were experiencing prior to PointClickCare. When we implemented PointClickCare, this all changed for us.

We rolled out the billing functionalities first, before any of the clinical elements, and immediately we were able to input all of our third party partner information. For example, all hospital and rehab details were added to the system, which really helped us prepare in advance of going live.

Integrating billing and clinical workflows.

Another immediate result for us was the sheer amount of information we found we were able to capture in the system. Today, we have so much information available to us, and we have visibility into all areas of the business. Information is available as soon as you need it, which makes the biggest difference for us when it comes to our billing and finances.

Before PointClickCare, if there was a change in the level of care for a particular resident, it would not be reflected on the billing side and therefore we would not bill that resident properly. Everything needed to be manually passed along, and our team relied heavily on communicating changes verbally, which often led to missed information or errors.

Today, within a few minutes, any changes captured by the care team are quickly reflected on the billing end. The two systems talk to each other and we no longer have to worry about whether something has been missed or if we’re charging a resident properly, and as a business office manager, this is extremely important to me.

Communication has improved not only with our team internally, but with our residents and their family members. If care plans change we are able to communicate this right away and explain how billing is impacted as a result. From a financial perspective, we want to ensure we are billing properly for the services and care we provide, and having a system in place that provides us with all the information we need, as we need it, is invaluable to ensuring Hunter’s Creek remains successful.