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How Our EHR Is Making Us Stronger and Smarter Care Providers.

Former Executive Director
Cedar Creek

The former Executive Director of Cedar Creek Assisted Living has moved on from their role since this article was published.

I’ve been in the long-term care business for quite some time so I’ve seen a lot of change, but the one thing that has never changed for me is the amazing feeling that comes with caring for seniors.

In my role, I am responsible for our community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so it’s extremely important to me that our team is communicating effectively at all times. Knowing what is going on in our building with all of our residents is critical in ensuring we are delivering the best service and care, every day.

Moving away from paper.

Up until 2015, Cedar Creek was a paper-based organization. We could see that the Assisted Living industry was shifting around us and knew that if we didn’t make a smart business move, we would fall behind. We got to the point where we knew we needed to move away from paper and after a lot of research and discussions, we were certain that PointClickCare would be the best technology partner for us.

Our experience with PointClickCare has been great. The staff are incredibly and supportive, which is important to us. Our team is highly relationship-oriented, so when we were looking for an EHR vendor, it was important to us to be able to develop a strong relationship with our PointClickCare team. We weren’t looking to switch from paper for the sake of switching; we were focused on finding the best partner to ensure the success of our business.

Maintaining a continuity of information.

The continuity of information is the best thing about PointClickCare. For me, no one single piece of the system is more important than the other, because everything is connected and it all feeds into each other. I believe that communication is the most important thing we do in life and I’ve always been proud of our team’s ability to communicate, but there are times when we aren’t able to connect. When we relied on handwritten notes, it was hard not to miss important details, but having PointClickCare in place has really made our communication stronger and allows us to effectively communicate resident information and details across the team.

PointClickCare has brought me a sense of peace because I know that my team is tracking every detail. It’s given me a sense of security knowing that information is in one place and accessible when we need it. Our families are equally our customers as the residents living in our community, and with PointClickCare we now have the knowledge of what’s going on in our building at all times. This has improved our knowledge, as well as the way we can communicate information to family members.

Setting ourselves apart from competitors.

We know more than we ever have before. Not only is PointClickCare setting us apart from competitors because it has improved the way that we work, but it demonstrates that we are committed to better serving our residents simply because of the fact that we have invested in the right tools to help us do so.

Cedar Creek is a small Assisted Living community in a small Florida town, but I believe that PointClickCare has brought us into this century and put us on the map. I am thankful we decided to pursue an EHR and I’m thankful we ended up with PointClickCare.