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Improving Resident Care With an Electronic Health Record.

Former Director of Resident Care
Spring Hills Hunter’s Creek

The former Director of Resident Care for Spring Hills Hunter’s Creek moved on from their role after this article was published.

About Spring Hills Hunter’s Creek

Spring Hills Hunter’s Creek is a young community located directly in the middle of the 4,000-acre planned community in southwest Orange County and part of the Orlando-Kissimmee Metropolitan area. Hunter’s Creek is home to 85 residents and offers senior housing designed specifically for assisted living and memory care.

How an electronic health record (EHR) allows you to better-manage medications.

I have been working as the Director of Resident Care for three and a half years, and have been in the long-term care industry for 12 years. When I first joined the team at Hunter’s Creek we were using another electronic program to manage care plans, and when it came to managing medication, this was all done manually. While this did do the trick for us, it wasn’t until we implemented PointClickCare that we fully realized how inefficient our time had been beforehand.

The nursing department at Hunter’s Creek is the largest within our community with over 40 staff members, and so ensuring I have visibility into everything that is happening at all times across my team, is extremely important to me. After implementing PointClickCare’s EHR and PointClickCare eMAR, I’m able to pull reports quickly as I need them and the information we gather is much cleaner and accurate. Now, managing medication is easily tracked and done so electronically, reducing the chance of errors.

Track and trend more effectively with an EHR.

Not only do I find tracking and reporting easier with PointClickCare, but our communication with third parties such as EMTs has also improved. The information we provide looks much more professional, which reflects positively on us, but we are also able to pull and share information faster – and in this business, timing is everything.

With PointClickCare, we are doing more than ever before. We are more focused and more detailed with our work. The information we input is more in-depth and it shows surveyors and our care partners that our service is very focused for each resident.