Press Releases

Two people having a discussion while one holds a tablet in his hand with a blurred background of people seated around a table

Infection Prevention & Control (IPC)

A clinical workflow and intelligence solution to identify, manage, and report infections in real time.

Payment Portal

Improve your time to revenue recognition by providing electronic statements and online payment options.


The industry’s best mobile app that streamlines the workflow for documenting care and service delivery.

Providing the Best Experience

Satisfy your business needs while making it feel more like home for them.

Ensuring Quality and Compliance

Improve your community’s data to enhance lifestyles, avoid litigation and increase compliance.

Attracting and Retaining the Best Staff

Keep staff happy and allow them to spend more time with residents by having the right technology in place.

Improving Your Financial Health

Build your bottom line by connecting your entire operation across a single, flexible platform.

Senior Living Core Platform

We have what you need to make your community a place where people want to work and live.

Secure Conversations

HIPAA-compliant mobile messaging enables efficient and improved care team coordination.

Integrated Medication Management (IMM)

IMM helps streamline the medication ordering and supply management process.