Press Releases

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Market Insights

Show your value to your acute partners, strengthen your reputation in your network and gain more referrals.

Infection Prevention & Control (IPC)

A clinical workflow and intelligence solution to identify, manage, and report infections in real time.

Care Insights

Gain insight into nurse’s documentation and performance so clinical leadership can easily track progress, identify trends and drive the change management process with accurate data.

Connecting to Carequality

Connect to a national-level health data network with over +60k hospitals and healthcare providers to exchange timely clinical data.

Performance Insights

Clinical, financial and operational metrics that enhance patient care, improve quality and drive reimbursement.

Nursing Advantage

Standardize care delivery processes with evidenced-based clinical content templates and advanced, multi-source alerting.

Requirements of Participation (RoP)

Access the resources we’ve compiled to support the implementation of the RoP for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Payment Portal

Improve your time to revenue recognition by providing electronic statements and online payment options.


The industry’s best mobile app that streamlines the workflow for documenting care and service delivery.

Becoming a Preferred Provider in Your Network

Capture and communicate accurate, timely information to help strengthen your network relationships and become the provider of choice.