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Connected Care Center

Give family and caregivers online access to health records

Accounts Receivable Resolution Service

Medicaid Pending Conversions

Increase Occupancy

Take control of your referrals with real-time data access. Ensure every transfer is timely, accurate, and safe, without disrupting your workflow.

Automated Care Messaging

Reduce the burden on your care team by creating automated workflows using voice, text and email notifications to keep families and staff informed.

Market Insights

Show your value to your acute partners, strengthen your reputation in your network and gain more referrals.

Infection Prevention & Control (IPC)

A clinical workflow and intelligence solution to identify, manage, and report infections in real time.

Care Insights

Gain insight into nurse’s documentation and performance so clinical leadership can easily track progress, identify trends and drive the change management process with accurate data.

Connect to Carequality

Connect to a national-level health data network with over +60k hospitals and healthcare providers to exchange timely clinical data.

Performance Insights

Clinical, financial and operational metrics that enhance patient care, improve quality and drive reimbursement.