Medication Management

Medication Management

The right resident, the right drug, the right dose, the right route, the right time – every time.

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With constantly evolving, strict regulations governing medication administration and pharmacy dispensing compliance, it’s vital that your staff creates and maintains accurate records.

PointClickCare Medication Management solutions guarantee adherence to documentation policies, while providing the security necessary to handle the exchange of sensitive data between your organization and the pharmacy.

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Order Management

A built-in industry standard medication library that prevents adverse drug interactions with automated notifications.

This enables users to enter and review medication, lab, diagnostics, diet and non-medication orders, including treatments, electronically. Error checking on entry, creation of formulary library, and the ability to ensure documentation is completed at the time of administration reduces risk to the resident, the care provider and the facility.

Goodbye, drug record book.

“PointClickCare makes your life much, much easier — so everybody can do what they need to do to improve resident outcomes.”

Christie Kiggins, RN Manager, Idaho State Veterans Home

Integrated Medication Management

Expedite and automate the order communication, transcription and transmission processes.

Seamlessly combining the workflow of Order Management, eMAR and pharmacy integration, orders are automatically sent to the pharmacy and any changes made by the pharmacy are automatically sent back. With instant access to med pass statuses, automated medication reconciliation, and built-in documentation policies from prescription to medication delivery, you can improve resident safety and reduce the risk of adverse event occurrences.

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