Nutrition Management

Nutrition Management

Increase efficiency. Improve resident satisfaction.

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Nutrition Management – Essentials

Essentials delivers a nutritional management program that enhances meal service efficiency and resident satisfaction. By replacing disparate systems and manual processes, Essentials enables you to better manage.

Nutrition Management – Core

The PointClickCare Nutrition Management – Core module is a compilation of three submodules: Essentials, Menus, and Recipes & Production. With all three elements bundled into a single solution you have a powerful tool that drives resident health and satisfaction while improving efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Automate Resident profiles

Organizations that do not have an automated nutritional program can spend two or more hours each day, manually transcribing labels for resident snacks and supplements. With PointClickCare Essentials, this can be done in minutes.

Meal planning made easy

Meal planning made easy.

With food service being one of the most important decision making factors when choosing a senior care organization, implementing a nutrition management solution is a differentiator. With an easy-to-use menu builder for Dietitian’s & Dietary Managers, this automated nutrition management program allows providers to more efficiently plan resident menus and maintain continuously changing menu cycles — all while offering more variety than before.

The Menus submodule has a mobile application that allows orders to be chosen at a convenient time for residents and staff and an enhanced Ticket Dashboard which provides for the tracking of orders pending, placed, completed, and facilitates the identification of residents who have not yet placed orders.

PointClickCare’s Recipe and Production sub module is a user friendly solution for providers that are looking to improve the quality and consistency of meal production while reducing operational costs. This module scales all of your recipes ensuring that your food production is uniform in quality and cost.

With the Nutrition Management Core module you can improve the meal experience for residents while benefiting from improved staff efficiency.

improve senior nutrition
Watch: How to Improve your Senior Nutrition Programs

Joanne Brigham, Registered Dietitian and product manager at PointClickCare, talks about some of the challenges Senior Care organizations face, and how well planned nutrition programs using TrayCard can help.

Recorded Date: February, 2015
Duration: 42:47


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