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The Future of Home Health Care at PointClickCare

Read our interview with Mark Tomzak, Executive Vice President and General Manager of our home health care solution, to hear how we're positioned to empower home health care providers.

Support Purposeful Living by Fulfilling Needs

How providers can create a better resident experience and increase engagement by promoting purposeful living.

Building the Bridge to Better Care Collaboration and Coordination

There’s a lot of change happening across the healthcare industry and, now more than ever, it’s important to empower health systems with the insights needed for a truly coordinated and collaborative approach to care delivery.

Reducing Rehospitalization With the SNF VBP Program

Find out how the SNF Value-Based Purchasing Program is helping reduce adverse events and lowering hospital readmissions.

6 Ways to Improve Board Engagement in Post-Acute Care

The ideals behind many boards are simple and humble, which can lead to a disconnect between the needs of an organization’s front-line workers and the demand of management. To help organizations improve board engagement, follow these steps.

The Future of Senior Living: An Executive Perspective

Travis Palmquist, Vice President and General Manager for Senior Living at PointClickCare, recently moderated a panel of senior living executives to discuss the future of the industry.

Where Today’s Executives Are Seeing Senior Living’s Toughest Challenges

Leaders in the senior housing industry share their most significant learnings, as well as their best practices.

How I Work: A day with CIO, Peretz Stern

I’m Peretz Stern, CIO of AristaCare Health Services, and this is How I Work.

Customers Can’t Wait for SUMMIT 2017: The Year’s Big Senior Care Conference

Hear what some of our customers have to say about attending SUMMIT, PointClickCare’s incredible user conference.

Connecting Senior Care Professionals at SUMMIT 2017

We sat down with Cheryl Alden, Vice President of Marketing, to get the scoop on how SUMMIT got started and how it will grow in the future.