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Support Purposeful Living by Fulfilling Needs

How providers can create a better resident experience and increase engagement by promoting purposeful living.

Resident Engagement: How to Optimize and Measure Success

Find out how making a commitment to an individualized, digitized, and person-centered engagement program can have a multitude of benefits.

6 Ways to Improve Board Engagement in Post-Acute Care

The ideals behind many boards are simple and humble, which can lead to a disconnect between the needs of an organization’s front-line workers and the demand of management. To help organizations improve board engagement, follow these steps.

3 Tips for Mobilizing Leaders at All Levels

Leadership is not, and shouldn’t be a solitary act. Success comes from mobilizing the talents and commitment of the people around you.

3 Engagement Strategies for Leaders: Get in Touch With Your Employees

For executive leaders in the senior care industry, attracting and retaining staff is critical to overall organizational success.

4 Strategies for Building Team Cohesiveness and Commitment

Good managers are always searching for ways to connect staff to their organization’s purpose and to each other.

3 Unusual Hiring Practices That Work

Several innovative senior care providers have found surefire ways to hire the right employees and guarantee they stick around.

Is Your Culture Making or Breaking Your Employee Engagement Efforts?

Answer these five questions to determine whether your organization supports a high level of employee engagement.

4 Strategies for Improving Patient Activation and Engagement

Align CEO Neil Gulsvig shares four strategies on ensuring patient engagement within your communities.

Building Strong Patient Transition Programs: How Does Yours Rate?

Neil Gulsvig, CEO of Align, lists the seven most-important questions to ask when looking to improve your patient transition programs.