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Skilled Nursing Providers Share Where They’d Spend Their Last Dollar

We surveyed leading skilled nursing facility providers and asked if they only had one last dollar to spend, how would they use it?

Standing Out From the Competition As Occupancy Declines

As senior housing occupancy rates continue to fall, we share tips on how to tackle this challenge once and for all.

Where Today’s Executives Are Seeing Senior Living’s Toughest Challenges

Leaders in the senior housing industry share their most significant learnings, as well as their best practices.

Avoiding the Winter Chill: Seasonal Occupancy Considerations for Senior Living

Stats show that occupancy rates in senior living communities are affected by the seasons. Find out how to adjust your plan to suit the changing climate.

Occupancy: How to Go From Good to Great

When it comes to planning and allocating budgets, are providers investing in the right features or services to attract prospective residents?