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Chief Engagement Officers: Why It’s Time to Hire a New ‘CEO’

Charles de Vilmorin introduces us to the new CEO, and why your facility needs to hire one.

Improving the Resident Experience Through Personalized Care

Learn how making personalization a priority can increase your occupancy rates and improve the resident experience.

4 Ways to Help Seniors Live a Joyful and Purposeful Life Each Day

Improve community performance by increasing the opportunities for older adults to be happy, healthy, connected, and independent.

Support Purposeful Living by Fulfilling Needs

How providers can create a better resident experience and increase engagement by promoting purposeful living.

Dining Staff Retention: The Ultimate Staffing Challenge

In senior living, dining is a differentiator. Find out how a nutrition management system can help set you apart.

Resident Engagement: How to Optimize and Measure Success

Find out how making a commitment to an individualized, digitized, and person-centered engagement program can have a multitude of benefits.

How Can Senior Care Providers Improve Engagement?

A recent report highlighted that residents typically receive just 11 minutes of engagement each day outside of assistance with activities of daily living.

5 Resolutions for Senior Living Communities in the New Year

After a year of connecting with leaders and employees working in senior living, here are some of our recommended strategies for the year ahead.

How Therapeutic Engagement Can Reduce Rehospitalizations

It's time to think about an area often overlooked: the correlation between person-centered engagement strategies and the reduction of rehospitalizations for older adults.

How to Connect With Families to Win Over Residents

Resident's family members have a wealth of valuable information that they’re not always inclined, or invited, to share. Find out how engaging with families can foster great relationships.