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The Future of Home Health Care at PointClickCare

Read our interview with Mark Tomzak, Executive Vice President and General Manager of our home health care solution, to hear how we're positioned to empower home health care providers.

6 Ways to Improve Board Engagement in Post-Acute Care

The ideals behind many boards are simple and humble, which can lead to a disconnect between the needs of an organization’s front-line workers and the demand of management. To help organizations improve board engagement, follow these steps.

An Ounce of Prevention Goes a Long Way

Charles de Vilmorin is the CEO and co-founder of Linked Senior, Inc., a leading life-enrichment platform for the senior-care market.

Account Managers are Amped Up for SUMMIT 2017

Read what some of our Account Managers had to say about SUMMIT and why it's such an exciting event.

Empowering Pain-Free Documentation in Skilled Nursing

Streamline your processes, avoid duplication of work, and give invaluable time back to your employees.

Today’s Savvy Senior Living Shopper

Find out how a CRM can help your marketing team attract the right people to your senior living community.

3 Innovative Projects Changing How We Age

Technology and information are paving the way for innovative senior care facilities, designed to provide new methods of care in a comfortable setting.

Caring for All Acuity Levels — How Tech Eases the Pain

Learn how keeping up with the most recent senior living technology trends will help ease the pain of residents, staff and care partners alike.

EHR Platforms: All That and a Bag of Chips

EHR platforms have become the de facto standard for documenting and administering care because of the seamless flow of information.