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Top 10 Reasons to Implement Document Manager

Find out how Document Manager can help your employees get back to residents by freeing up their time and reducing the risk of error.

How to Tackle the Challenges of Wound Care With Technology

Incorporating new technologies, like PointClickCare’s Skin and Wound app, enables providers to easily track wound care and streamline the process.

The Big Deal About Big Data in Skilled Nursing

Find out how an EHR can help your employees extrapolate from the big data to raise the level of care within your senior living community.

Celebrating Senior Care Workers at SUMMIT 2016

Once a year, senior care workers get together to learn from industry professionals, exchange ideas, and connect with one another at PointClickCare’s SUMMIT.

A Day in the Life of a Director of Nursing

What does a director of nursing do? We've broken down what their day looks like with and without the use of an EHR.

Friends with Benefits: How to Get More Referrals

Five ways to help your senior care facility become a trusted partner for hospitals.

A Closer Look at the Post-acute Care Opportunity for Senior Living

A new landscape is emerging that is presenting senior living with a bold proposition — to become the preferred residence to meet the post acute care needs.

Distant Cousins or Siblings? What Senior Living Providers Have in Common with SNFs

Senior living providers, now more than ever, need to have a system that allows them to track the care they’re providing to residents, accurately and in real-time.

Star Quality: How to Increase Your Quality Rating

When it comes to marketing your skilled nursing facility, quality rating is key. So how can you make sure its quality rating is the best it can be?