Requirements of Participation Resources

Requirements of Participation (RoP)

Meeting Phase 2 Requirements

PointClickCare Resources

Are you ready for Phase 2 of the RoP?

These resources have been compiled to support the implementation of the RoP for Skilled Nursing Facilities for the November 28, 2017 deadline.

The Facility Assessment Template is a downloadable Word Document formatted for ease of use and identifies the reports and additional information you will need to collect in order to complete the form. We hope that these resources help you in getting ready for the phase 2 deadline.

For further information on what changes PointClickCare is making to help you with the implementation of the RoP, please watch the webinar at the bottom of this page, or connect to our online community, The Pulse.

For more details on PointClickCare and the RoP, contact your account manager or reach out to our PointClickCare Success Team at

PointClickCare Products Supporting RoP (Subscription Required)

The products below support the implementation of the RoP. Please contact your Business Development Representative to learn more.


The PointClickCare Analytics module supports both the completion of the Facility Assessment and ongoing QAPI program development required in the Mega-rule. Our analytics platform aggregates resident data in an easily consumable format. Resident characteristics, rehospitalizations and clinical key performance indicators aide homes in defining their resident population for inclusion in the facility assessment. This data can be readily converted into QAPI programs as trends and gaps are identified and tracked through the embedded Performance Improvement Plans.


The RoP requires ongoing staff training and assessment of competencies. But staff work around the clock and getting them adequately trained becomes a resource issue when trainers don’t. With PointClickCare SmartZone, staff training becomes a breeze. Our online training program addresses core education, industry and EHR topics and is available 24/7.  Remove the hassles of trying to schedule staff around trainer availability! SmartZone tracks attendance, completion of training modules and test results, and provides feedback to the home through various supporting reports. 

Integrated Results

Lab and diagnostic papers make up the majority of filing piles in any facility. With PointClickCare Integrated Results, they disappear. Results are sent directly to the EHR and filed on the resident’s records, improving access to information and the speed results are communicated to the practitioner. This helps meet the new rules in the RoP and reduces the added filing tasks for homes. Integrated Results, combined with Practitioner Engagement and Secure Conversations, improves communication between the facility and the ordering practitioner and the timeliness of the communication of those results to the right person.

Integrated Direct Messaging

Referenced in the RoP final rule, the ONC Nationwide Interoperability Roadmap (listed below under CMS/Other Resources) identifies milestones for health information exchange in long term care. By 2020, long-term care facilities should be able to send discharge information to receiving facilities at a minimum using an HIE or a Direct Trust Secure email. Integrated Direct Messaging embeds a Direct Trust email option into the EHR for the easy electronic management of transfer documentation during transitions of care.

Practitioner Engagement

Few are lucky enough to have in-house physicians, which means sharing their time, often making communication difficult and time consuming. PointClickCare Practitioner Engagement, and embedded Secure Conversations, simplify communication ensuring the timeliness factor, mandated in the RoP, is easily met. Relevant chart info is available within the app so the conversation is about what to do next rather than what’s been done already. Having the right client details at the right time improves the timeliness of interventions and decision making.

Secure Conversations

Timely communication is integral to sharing diagnostic and lab information (required as part of the RoP), informing each other on changes in condition and preventing unnecessary transfers. Our Secure Conversation module is an embedded HIPAA compliant secure texting program that improves staff-to-staff and staff-to-practitioner communication and enables the capture of appropriate information included in conversations into the resident record. 

QIO Facility Assessment Resource

This template can be used for completing the facility assessments and was provided by the QIO. This document was used in the creation of the PointClickCare formatted facility assessment document.

CMS/QIO Facility Assessment Template: Facility Assessment Template Links

QAPI Resources

CMS and QIO resources for implementing a comprehensive QAPI program.

1. QAPI Tools and Resources
2. QAPI Written Plan How-to Guide
3. QAPI: Five Elements
4. QAPI at a Glance: Step by Step Guide to Implementing QAPI

Baseline Care Plan

1. BCP versus CPC: This document outlines the requirements for the baseline care plan and the comprehensive care plan.
2. Baseline Care Plan and Summary Checklist: This checklist identifies all the requirements that must be met for compliance with the Baseline Care Plan and Summary and can be used as a compliance audit tool during the transition.
3. Creating a Baseline Care Plan Dashboard View: This document outlines how to create a dashboard view for Baseline Care Plans in PointClickCare.

CMS Information and Other Related Resources

New Survey Process and F-Tags

Effective November 28, 2017, the new survey process, a hybrid of the QIS and standard surveys will begin. The resources below identify the changes of what to expect with the new process.

1. New Survey Process: CMS PPT Presentation on New Process
2. F-Tag Crosswalk
3. Full List of F-Tags
4. New Entrance Form: Entrance Conference Form
5. New 802 Matrix: Matrix with Instructions
6. LTC Survey Process SME Videos and Slide Downloads

CMS/Other RoP Resources

1. Nationwide Interoperability Roadmap
2. Interoperability Standards

Surveyor Resources for Replacing Medication Tables

These resources have been provided to surveyors for the use in determining compliance with F329 and other medication related tags currently and as of November 28, 2017, new tags F756, F757, F758. This list replaces the previously available medication tables in Appendix PP.

1. MedlinePlus
2. National Library of Medicine Drug Information Portal
3. The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program
4. GlobalRPh Drug Reference
5. The TakeRX Website’s Generic Drug Prefix and Suffix List
6. The Index of Drugs by Category
7. The University of Maryland Medical Center Drug Interaction Tool


As you are aware, the regulations included in Phase 2 must be implemented by November 28, 2017This webinar helps ensure you and your team are ready by offering insights on how existing modules will be impacted and how the modules help you remain compliant.

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