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Celebrating Nurses

In honour of Nurses Week, we are celebrating some of our amazing customers! Over the past few weeks, we’ve asked for nominations for nurses who excel at not only their job, but all aspects of patient care.

Please join us in celebrating these amazing nurses, who do everything they can to take care of their patients.

Winner: Tammy Woolsey

Why they were nominated: “Tammy has a true thirst for knowledge and takes pride in everything she does. She serves as a mentor, a leader, and a friend to everyone she meets. She serves a true calling to nursing especially in long term care. She gives back as much if not more than she receives. Tammy loves the opportunity to be an advocate for the residents and families served in long-term care. She recognizes the opportunity she has as a nurse to make a difference in the lives of the residents and families. Tammy empowers the residents and families with knowledge and treats them as part of her family.”

Winner: Maggie Butler

Why they were nominated: “Having held various positions within the company prior to her current role, Maggie is keenly aware of the need for an EHR that works well for multiple disciplines.  Her approach is always collaborative in building assessments, evaluating our processes to get the most successful outcomes from our HER, and to ensure the EHR provides maximum functionality and practical application.  She frequently seeks feedback from others and is constantly looking for ways we can improve and streamline our workflow, all with the end goal of returning time to our nurses to provide quality care to our patients.”

Winner: Jessica Marcotte

Why they were nominated: “Jessica is an amazing nurse manager who organizes and collaborates with members of the IPHCT. She goes above and beyond to support safe staffing ratios and will even hop on the medication cart or complete weekly wound assessments if the floor needs are high and the staff needs help.”

Winner: Anitra Whiterspoon

Why they were nominated: “Anita is a leader that collaborates with team members, providers, and families to coordinate care. She is highly skilled at what she does and goes above and beyond to make sure our elders have what they need. She is the backbone of our facility. She has a caring spirit and always looks for positivity in every situation. She works well with everyone and is sympathetic to their feelings and needs. She is a true role model and encourages others daily.”

Winner: Richard Kinney

Why they were nominated: Richard wants his residents to feel comforted and heard. He takes time to learn their habits and accommodate where he can. He is clinically knowledgeable and works well with his team. He takes his responsibilities seriously and always tries to provide excellent care.”

Winner: Ashley Willoughby

Why they were nominated: Ashley is a very personable, caring, and professional nurse. She is a great team player, very organized, and has excellent communication skills. Ashley goes above and beyond to help resident’s, family members, and staff enjoy life at case manor. Ashley is always ready to help and do whatever she can to help residents of long-term care enjoy life.”

Winner: Minerva Sembran

Why they were nominated: “Minerva takes initiative to improve the care and quality of our services. She builds rapport with staff, residents and families, and provides suggestions for improvement.”

Winner: Nedra Kechter

Why they were nominated: “Nedra has worked for us for 17 years. She will do anything that needs to be done. If she feels there is a need she will step up and volunteer to learn it or help figure out solutions.  She is the type of nurse that brings calm and leadership to our staff. She loves the residents and expects nothing less than making sure their needs are being met. She saw a need and stepped up into the role of MDS and careplanning. She is one of the primary reasons we chose PointClickCare as she felt it would assist us in capturing live data for the MDS.  We have had 0 deficiencies in MDS and care planning for the last few years. Nedra is the role model I wish all staff in long term care had working with them.  We would all be better for it.”

Winner: Riley Walters

Why they were nominated: “Riley can be described in three words: dedication, leader, and knowledge. Riley exemplifies dedication by spending a good majority of not only her professional time, but also her personal time dedicated to her residents. Riley exemplifies the word leader by cultivating the perfect balance of personable and professional with her staff. She teaches by example and in turn, is blessed with the best staff. Finally, Riley embodies the word, “knowledge” by being the “google” of Allure of Sterling. Not only is her clinical knowledge incredible, but her knowledge of each of our residents and the LTC regulations is incredible.”

Winner: Shontae Cunningham

Why they were nominated: “Shontae takes her position very serious. She is very caring and very knowledgeable about our residents and staff. She is very helpful, dependable, and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty when needed. Shontae is always willing help out in in any position she can. She has that “Go above and beyond” attitude which make her beautiful person inside and out.”

Winner: Natina Black

Why they were nominated: “Natina meets all of the criteria. A lot of her success comes from her ability to be straight forward and meet people on their own level and still communicate with kindness. She uses all of the tools that she has available to make life better for everyone and goes above and beyond to drive the best outcomes for residents and staff as well.”

Winner: John Hayes

Why they were nominated: “John is an excellent role model for professional excellence. He is highly motivated and strives for success. John is a dynamic and powerful team player who possess the gift of being able to make complex situations understandable. John is pleasant, self-oriented, and calm in nature. He willingly and voluntarily assists others when needed and works independently.”

Winner: Nikki Phillips

Why they were nominated: “Nikki Should be recognized because she is always dedicated to her position no matter what is going on and never falters even under stress. She stays positive and bubbly getting the entire team and resident body involved in the tasks that she is performing or teaching.  She is determined and goal oriented and doesn’t stop until she accomplishes her goal. She is dedicated caring and compassionate all at once. She truly loves her job and it shows.”

Winner: Danielle Salazar

Why they were nominated: “She a leader amongst her peers and actively involved on ACMS by serving on their Board.  She consistently goes above and beyond with her partnering SNFs as well as her peers, colleagues, and staff. Danielle has partner with PointClickCare and presented on post-acute collaborations across the country — most recently at HIMSS.”

Winner: Tina Seery

Why they were nominated: “Tina is a strong advocate for patient care and the clinician. Her passion for providing safe, quality patient care comes across in every setting. She has assisted in facilitating discussions between the WSHA member hospitals and our customer support staff as appropriate. Tina has also graciously agreed to discuss the ER is for Emergencies measure with another customer who read about the initiative in the Collective Medical Customer Community. Tina was willing to share her experience and clinical use case, a true partner. Through the Washington State Hospital Association, Tine also facilitates an annual webinar for hospitals explaining the background of the program and ER is for Emergencies measure, and the importance to the patient and the care team of active care insights. WSHA is a strong advocate for care insights.”

May 11, 2023