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PointClickCare’s Lighthouse Project: A Beacon for the New Era in Healthcare

We’ve all heard about the importance of managing healthcare data – storing, protecting, sharing and analysis – to help create a holistic view of patients, personalize treatments, improve communication, and enhance health outcomes. But what about sharing data to improve scientific research?

A tsunami of information is being digitized, consolidated, standardized, analyzed and modeled in healthcare. Massive amounts of both structured and unstructured data can be used to unveil statistics from patient populations or individuals. More data means research advancements, lower costs, and can even lead to new treatments and prevent the onset of diseases. More data means faster cures – an outcome we can all get behind.

To leverage all of this data, PointClickCare has launched its new Lighthouse Project. We spoke with Team Leader Jeff Wessinger to learn more about the project and what it means for PointClickCare and its customers.

 What is the Lighthouse Project?

The Lighthouse Project has been in development for almost a year. PointClickCare has amassed a significant database of patient therapy and treatment information over the last 20 years in long-term care including detailed outcomes that result from those treatments. In today’s digitally connected world, the most valuable resource for just about every company is data.

Data is exactly what research and development teams in the payer, provider and life science markets are analyzing to improve care. The benefits of sharing it are endless; access to data can:

  • improve the accuracy of research
  • inform the risk/benefit analysis of treatment options
  • strengthen collaborations
  • accelerate biomedical exploration
  • bring trust back into clinical investigations

 Why Launch the Project Now?

The current climate has further demonstrated the benefits of data sharing in the healthcare industry. To make a real impact and collaborate with others, you need a certain volume of data for it to be considered “research grade”.  PointClickCare has access to the volume of data required and join others in their efforts to impact the future of health and care. Leveraging the immensely detailed database that PointClickCare own is a way to do good for society today. While we will only share data from customers who have given PointClickCare permission to include its data, we’ve reached a groundswell of willing participants and have enough data to potentially make a positive impact on future health outcomes.

This more recently adopted practice of sharing health data is key to helping physicians, hospitals and health plans improve care quality, reduce cost and enhance the patient experience. Data sharing enhances connection and collaboration between researchers, which is an important factor in the discovery of new therapies. Today, the life science community is coping with lower investment in research, so data sharing is even more critical than ever in the pursuit of lifesaving and altering therapies.

How this Helps PointClickCare Customers

Given that there is often no visibility into what happens once the patient leaves a hospital, it is our hope that PointClickCare’s data will be able to provide life sciences companies with better insight into the post-acute and long-term care demographic. They can develop clinical trials and use what’s called “real-world evidence” studies. These studies show where there’s a need for therapeutic interventions or where therapies are not working. As a result, PointClickCare will ultimately have better care and therapy options for the senior demographic than ever had before.  

How Does the Lighthouse Project Work?

The initial offering is essentially providing researchers with de-identified patient data in raw form, with all patient personal information stripped out of the records. Imagine an Excel spreadsheet containing all the elements known about a patient, therapies and outcomes, but no personally identifying information. Business intelligence products like Power BI do visualizations using all that data. In the future, PointClickCare plans to combine its data platforms with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to make it a “self-serve option” to customers in real time – with a real-world insight too!

What’s Next?

In its initial phase, Lighthouse is looking at potential partners, including life sciences, bio-pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies that want to innovate and discover new products and therapies within PointClickCare’s patient demographic. The Lighthouse Project introduces a brand new customer base for PointClickCare – R&D companies that are innovating therapies, unlike the traditional providers that the company currently works with. There’s no need for existing customers to become involved, unless they are interested in participating. Check out our press release to learn more about the Lighthouse Project.

Click here for more information on Lighthouse by PointClickCare and how to get involved.

July 9, 2020